South London Home Lock Replacement

Many homes in the London area are old. And that means many of those home’s locks are old too. An old lock can stop functioning properly and actually lock you out of your home in some scenarios. Old locks can compromise the security of your home, break keys, or cause a plethora of additional problems for your home.

That’s exactly what happened to a client of ours. A family recently moved into a very old home with significantly old locks. After a few weeks of living in the home, the old locks stopped functioning properly. The family immediately called the expert locksmiths at 24/7 London Locksmiths to replace the locks.

London Locksmiths arrived as fast as possible. We assessed the current old locks, removed them, and installed two new locks; a BS2621 High-Security ERA Heavy Duty lock and a second ERA high-security lock. These locks are some of the best in the industry. They protect any home and guarantee maximum safety for families all over London. We responded to the call and replaced the locks all in under an hour and a half.

Mission: Replace broken old locks and install high-security new ones for a South London family

Lock: BS2621 High-Security ERA Heavy Duty lock

Location: South London

Phone Call date & time: Monday, August 6th 3:46 PM

Arrival time: 4:20 PM (~34 minutes)

Work time: ~50 minutes

If you live in an old home, your locks may be at risk for malfunctions. If you don’t feel that your locks are safe and secure, contact the London Locksmiths for an efficient and speedy lock replacement. We guarantee the best locks and service in the industry. You’ll have peace of mind in just minutes.

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