How Do Keys Break in Locks?

Some mornings you just can’t catch a break.

Despite your best effort, you still oversleep for work. You’re scrambling to get ready and finally leave your house 20 minutes behind schedule. And then, as you insert the key into the lock, you hear a dreadful snapping sound.

The key is broken, a part of it is stuck, and your morning just got a lot worse.

Why is this happening to you, and is there anything you can do to fix it?

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Emergency South East London Lock Replacement After Break-In

As London’s premier 24/7 locksmith, London Locksmiths work to provide our clients with speedy and reliable service. That’s exactly what we did with our most recent client in South East London.

We received a call from a distressed client. They were in need of emergency locksmith services. Their lock had been damaged in a break-in. The burglar had destroyed the lock upon entry and compromised the safety of this South East London family.

London Locksmith arrived at the scene in a matter of minutes. Our expert locksmiths assessed the damage and then began work. We replace the client’s unreliable, old lock with a sturdy and secure D-3 Multipoint Lock. In under two hours, the client’s locks were replaced, and maximum security was reinstated.

D-3 Multipoint Lock

The D-3 Multipoint lock ensures maximum security of any household. Locks of these kinds are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions and elements. The D-3 Multipoint lock is durable, corrosion resistant, and guarantees maximum security. This lock comes in a variety of finishes and is perfect to ensure the safety of any household or business.

Mission: Emergency – Replace lock of South East London home that was broken into.

Lock: D-3 Multipoint Lock

Location: South East London

Phone Call Date & Time: Tuesday, September 18th 7:14 am

Arrival Time: 7:42 am

Work Time: ~ 52 minutes

Speedy & Reliable Locksmith Services

At 24/7 London Locksmiths, we understand how unsettling a break-in can be, and we know that you want to reinstate the security of your household as soon as possible. With 24/7 London Locksmith as your exclusive locksmith, you’ll never have to stress over the security of your home. We arrive within minutes and install the best, most secure locks in the London area.

Contact us today if you’re in need of an emergency locksmith services. 24/7 London Locksmith is your reliable, trusted locksmith. We work to resolve emergencies in minutes.


British Standard “Sash” Lock Installed in North West London

London Locksmith is known for being the fastest most efficient locksmith in all of London. We provide our high-quality lock replacements across the metropolitan area; making house calls all the way from Camden Town to Greenwich. A recent client of ours didn’t feel safe in his own home, so he contacted London Locksmith for a quick fix.

This recent London Locksmith client called with concerns that his current lock situation was not secure enough. His current lock was an old standard lock that he felt needed to be updated to ensure his home’s safety. Wear and tear over time can deteriorate any lock so be sure to update your lock regularly. This old standard lock was compromising the safety of his home, so he contacted the experts at London Locksmith.

Our locksmiths arrived to replace the lock in just under an hour. The client chose to install a BS3621 High-Security Sash Lock. We quickly assessed the situation and installed the high-security sash lock. This stainless steel, heavy duty lock perfectly complemented the door while also securing the safety of the home. In just under an hour, the client’s peace of mind was reassured, and his home secured.

Mission: Replace old worn tock

Lock: BS3621 High-Security Sash Lock

Location: Northwest London

Phone Call date & time: Wednesday, August 15th 11:05 AM

Arrival time: 11:33 PM (~28 minutes)

Work time: ~30 minutes

High-Security Sash Locks

This BS3621 High-Security Sash Lock is the standard British lock. They’re designed to be theft-resistant and are often a requirement for home insurance. Since front and back entry doors are most prone to break-ins, you can commonly find sash locks on doors of these kinds. They’re the ideal protection for your home and we highly recommend these locks for any homeowners.

If you’re in need of any sash lock replacements or lock replacements of any kind, call up the 24/7 London Locksmiths. We guarantee speedy service because we understand that break-ins can be stressful and scary. We work to provide quick high-quality lock replacements so that you can feel safe and at home in your home again.

South London Home Lock Replacement

Many homes in the London area are old. And that means many of those home’s locks are old too. An old lock can stop functioning properly and actually lock you out of your home in some scenarios. Old locks can compromise the security of your home, break keys, or cause a plethora of additional problems for your home.

That’s exactly what happened to a client of ours. A family recently moved into a very old home with significantly old locks. After a few weeks of living in the home, the old locks stopped functioning properly. The family immediately called the expert locksmiths at 24/7 London Locksmiths to replace the locks.

London Locksmiths arrived as fast as possible. We assessed the current old locks, removed them, and installed two new locks; a BS2621 High-Security ERA Heavy Duty lock and a second ERA high-security lock. These locks are some of the best in the industry. They protect any home and guarantee maximum safety for families all over London. We responded to the call and replaced the locks all in under an hour and a half.

Mission: Replace broken old locks and install high-security new ones for a South London family

Lock: BS2621 High-Security ERA Heavy Duty lock

Location: South London

Phone Call date & time: Monday, August 6th 3:46 PM

Arrival time: 4:20 PM (~34 minutes)

Work time: ~50 minutes

If you live in an old home, your locks may be at risk for malfunctions. If you don’t feel that your locks are safe and secure, contact the London Locksmiths for an efficient and speedy lock replacement. We guarantee the best locks and service in the industry. You’ll have peace of mind in just minutes.

Locksmiths Near Me: How They Can Get to You So Fast

We understand how stressful it can be when your home’s lock breaks suddenly or you lose your last set of car keys. That’s why it’s so important to know a speedy and efficient locksmith near you who can get to you in a matter of minutes. Ensuring your safety is a number one priority for the professionals at 24/7 London Locksmith. Emergencies call for a quick fix.

So how are the experts at 24/7 London Locksmith able to solve your problems so fast? Simple. Great customer service, open 24/7, and a great location.

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Find A Cheap, Reliable London Locksmith

Finding a reliable AND cheap locksmith in London can prove to be a challenging task. Oftentimes, you’ll have to sacrifice reliability for affordability or vice versa.

Why sacrifice either or when you can have both?

Finding a cheap and reliable London Locksmith is not as challenging as it may seem. Here’s exactly how to find the most reliable and cheapest locksmiths in all of London.

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How to Secure your Home from Robbers This Summer

Nice weather, barbecues, and vacations – what most of us think of when we feel the first June breeze. But home burglary is another common association to the warmest season. In the summer months, crime can increase up to 10%. It’s chilling, but sadly true.

If you’re planning on leaving home for the summer, don’t leave it unprotected.

Here’s all the security you need.

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The Best Locks in the Industry Right Now

Not many know that the very first lock in the world is a thousand years old. Just like anything else in this world today, traditional locks are also evolving, and their development is pretty rapid. Even though the basic mechanism is more or less still the same, experts and specialists in the locksmith industry are working very hard to find a suitable replacement for the lock and key system as we know it.

That is how locks got into the digital age. Today, traditional locks are being replaced by smart locks and you can thank the hospitality industry for that. They learned the hard way that keys are simple to copy and bypass, get lost easily, and they’re not cheap to replace at all.

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New Lock Installation: Fingerprint Code Lock Technology on the Rise

Fingerprint code locks are growing in popularity among our customers. As the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new. People are trading in their old traditional locks for technologically advanced fingerprint code locks.

We recently received a special request to install a fingerprint lock in North London.

Fingerprint locks can be opened by either a fingerprint or pin code. The lock simply scans your unique fingerprint and grants you access to your home. They’re useful if you’re a forgetful person since they don’t require a key. No key means no more locking yourself out.

This installation process was quick and easy. The lock chosen had new cutting-edge technology. The sleek design was just an added bonus. The lock blended perfectly in with the exterior door (as seen above).

Fingerprint code locks guarantee the same amount of security for your home, if not more.

We’re expecting to see a lot more customers update to this new technology.


Mission: Replace traditional lock with new fingerprint lock technology

Emergency: No immediate emergency. The client desired a new updated lock for their home.

Lock: Fingerprint/pin code advanced high-security lock

Location: North London

Phone call date & time: Tuesday, June 12th, 2018, 8:16 am

Arrival time: 9:07am (~49 minutes)

Work time: 45 minutes

Here are a few pictures of the finished product: