Lock Update in Northwest London

As technology advances, so do burglars. With today’s advanced lock technology, you’d think that your deadbolt is 100% safe from burglars. We’re here to tell you that that assumption is false.

Burglars adapt to technology. No matter how advanced the lock is, burglars will find their way around it. That’s why it’s so incredibly important to update those old locks on your doors. It’s time to swap out those rustic Victorian-era locks for a smart lock.

That’s exactly what a recent client of ours did in Northwest London:

The Situation

A client of ours in Northwest London contacted us because he recently became uncomfortable with the lack of security his current locks offered. His neighbor had just experienced a burglary and he was not sure his current locks would deter a burglar of any kind.

We arrived at the home and assessed the current lock situation. The client currently had a basic lock standard lock. And although this lock offers a good amount of security, there are a variety of other locks available that provide higher security.

We removed the basic lock and replaced it with a high-security Mul-T Lock on top and a code lock on the bottom. This code lock removes the need for a key and heightens security of the home.

Mission: Lock Update – Replace basic lock with higher security lock

Lock: High-Security Mul-T Lock

Phone Call Date & Time: Tuesday, February 5th 3:35 pm

Arrival Time: 4:09pm

Work Time: 33 minutes

Why You Should Install An Updated Code Lock

If your locks are old and worn down, your chances of a burglar gaining access to your home are heightened. There’s a simple solution to this. Just update your old locks.

Updating your locks regularly is crucial to ensuring the security of your home. And since there’s a variety of lock options available today, code locks are a convenient option. Code locks remove the need for a key. You’ll never worry about losing your key again!

For help updating your locks in the Greater London area, reach out to 24/7 London Locksmith today!

Touchscreen Locks – Are They Worth It?

Ask anyone if they are currently carrying a set of house keys, and most will readily jangle their pockets in response. However, keys may become a thing of the past as touchscreen lock technology evolves and becomes more commonplace. If you often forget your keys or just aren’t a fan of keys in general, then read on to find out if investing in a touchscreen lock is for you.

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Chubb or Ingersoll Locks – Which One Protects You Better?

When choosing locks for your home, one of the key deciding factors should be their compliance with your insurer’s requirements. Most insurers require homeowners to have British Standard 3621 deadlocks fitted on all their final exit doors because they are the most resistant to forced entry methods employed by thieves. In fact, having a BS3621 lock is often a prerequisite for your insurance policy to remain valid.

Here we compare Chubb and Ingersoll, both well-respected brands in the locksmith industry, to help you choose which is right for you.

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How Often and When Should I Change My Locks?

Security is a major buzzword in today’s world – from firewalls and encryption, to password complexity and personal data protection. However, often we are so concerned with virtual security that we overlook the physical measures in place to protect ourselves and our property. In fact, one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve home security is to change your locks regularly.

In a world where we change flatmates more frequently than our email passwords, it is a good idea to follow the tips below to determine if it may be time to have new locks fitted.

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Banham Lock Fresh Installation

No matter where you are in London, it’s necessary to update your locks every so often. Locks can become worn down through natural wear and tear. Just imagine how many times you open your day a day – that eventually adds up. This will cause your lock to deteriorate over time and compromise the safety of your home.

In order to keep your home at maximum security for as long as you live there, it’s absolutely necessary to update your locks. That’s exactly what our most recent job was for.

Two Updated Banham Locks

One of our most recent calls was from a family who did not feel safe with their current lock condition. The locks that they had currently were outdated and could’ve easily been compromised. They contacted 24/7 London Locksmith looking for help on how to maximize the security of their household.

We arrived at the house quickly and assessed the situation. We confirmed upon arrival that the current locks were not suited for maximum security. These locks we’re nearly 20 years old and were rusted. It was evident that any burglar could’ve broken in easily. We removed this lock quickly and replaced them with 2 maximum security, high-quality Banham Locks.

Mission: Replace outdated locks with new high-security Banham locks

Emergency: Client did not feel safe with current lock situation. Needed maximum-security lock installation.

Lock: Banham locks

Location: South East London

Phone call date & time: Monday, December 10th, 2018, 2:05 pm

Arrival time: 2:30pm (~25 minutes)

Work time: 50 minutes

Banham Locks

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London Locksmith: A Day in the Life

As a certified technician for 24/7 London Locksmith, I respond to our clients’ emergency calls day and night. I often travel to the outskirts of London, where I provide just as many residential and commercial services as in the central areas of our city. The thing I like the most about what I do? My favorite thing about this job is the stories I get to be a part of.

And, of course, the people I meet.

My name is Brian, I typically arrive in less than 30 minutes, and this is a day in my life as a locksmith.

Life Of A Locksmith

What You Think I Do

For most people I know, the first association of being a locksmith is usually running around town and getting elderly Londoners out of trouble. Sure, I help people get inside their apartments, homes, and cars every single day, and sure, some of them are indeed older. But it would shock you to know how many of them are busy, running-on-a-tight-schedule, professionals just like you and me.

In our industry, this is just regular stuff. We earn our average salaries (if you work at night or provide emergency services, you usually get paid more), and we make a fair living. Locksmiths rarely have to worry about going out of business, which is great – everyone needs a lock and a key, after all. As for our competition, well, you just keep working, you give your best every day, and you stay committed.

What I Think I Do

The one thing I’ve learned in my career as a locksmith is that what people believe we do in this industry is often a misconception. No, I don’t spend my time waiting for lockout calls. I don’t get paid more than you do either. I simply go from door to door applying my skills, helping people, and having a blast being a part of their crazy stories.

And some of these stories have stuck with me for years.

As a locksmith, you’re in a unique position to take a sneak peek into somebody’s life. It usually doesn’t last longer than 10 to 15 minutes, but it’s fascinating nevertheless. I’m constantly meeting new people all over London. I’ve definitely heard my fair share of crazy lockout stories. I’ve really seen everything.

What I Actually Do

Officially speaking, I am a part of a team of professional locksmiths who cover all types of locks around all areas of London, regardless of what needs to be done. Emergency door opening is one tiny fragment of my job. I also repair, replace and install locks, deadbolt and other locks. I work with cylinders and levers, I know my way around uPVC, and I do my fair share of auto locks too.

What I actually do as a locksmith is solving unusual problems.

I combine function with aesthetics to deliver the best possible solutions for my clients, and I do that on a daily basis. It makes me happy because of the way I choose to approach it. In my opinion, a good locksmith is an artist of a special kind.

If you’re in need of any emergency locksmith services or lock replacements of any kind, reach out to us today!