Touchscreen Locks – Are They Worth It?

Ask anyone if they are currently carrying a set of house keys, and most will readily jangle their pockets in response. However, keys may become a thing of the past as touchscreen lock technology evolves and becomes more commonplace. If you often forget your keys or just aren’t a fan of keys in general, then read on to find out if investing in a touchscreen lock is for you.

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Chubb or Ingersoll Locks – Which One Protects You Better?

When choosing locks for your home, one of the key deciding factors should be their compliance with your insurer’s requirements. Most insurers require homeowners to have British Standard 3621 deadlocks fitted on all their final exit doors because they are the most resistant to forced entry methods employed by thieves. In fact, having a BS3621 lock is often a prerequisite for your insurance policy to remain valid.

Here we compare Chubb and Ingersoll, both well-respected brands in the locksmith industry, to help you choose which is right for you.

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How Often and When Should I Change My Locks?

Security is a major buzzword in today’s world – from firewalls and encryption, to password complexity and personal data protection. However, often we are so concerned with virtual security that we overlook the physical measures in place to protect ourselves and our property. In fact, one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve home security is to change your locks regularly.

In a world where we change flatmates more frequently than our email passwords, it is a good idea to follow the tips below to determine if it may be time to have new locks fitted.

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Winterizing Doors and Locks

Do enjoy the sight of snow falling down from the comfort of your home, dressed in your favorite winter sweater as the fireplace gently crackles in the background? A jazz record and a bowl of freshly baked ginger cookies in hand, and what you have is a proper Christmas postcard.

Oh, and try not to think about this month’s energy bill.

But let’s venture back to reality just for a second, we could help you lower those numbers without ever lowering your heat. At least 30% of warmth escapes through doors if they are not properly sealed. To have yourself a comfortable winter that won’t break your bank, it’s necessary to winterize your doors and locks.

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Should You Thaw A Frozen Lock Quickly?

If you’ve ever been locked out of your car or home in the freezing cold you understand the pain of a frozen lock. Freezing weather can often cause your locks to freeze up and your faced with the decision of whether or not you should take measures to thaw the lock yourself or call a professional.

Sometimes, all it needs is a small amount of water. Your car may be exposed to low temperatures for a bit too long, or maybe your home lock fell victim to the freezing temperatures. But the question of how to thaw a frozen lock is complex. You don’t want to damage it further, but you need to get to warmth soon.

These are the do’s and don’ts of thawing a frozen lock.

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How Do Keys Break in Locks?

Some mornings you just can’t catch a break.

Despite your best effort, you still oversleep for work. You’re scrambling to get ready and finally leave your house 20 minutes behind schedule. And then, as you insert the key into the lock, you hear a dreadful snapping sound.

The key is broken, a part of it is stuck, and your morning just got a lot worse.

Why is this happening to you, and is there anything you can do to fix it?

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How to Secure your Home from Robbers This Summer

Nice weather, barbecues, and vacations – what most of us think of when we feel the first June breeze. But home burglary is another common association to the warmest season. In the summer months, crime can increase up to 10%. It’s chilling, but sadly true.

If you’re planning on leaving home for the summer, don’t leave it unprotected.

Here’s all the security you need.

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5 Door Lock Problems That Should NOT Be Ignored

Life can be hectic. Often times, small jobs around the house get glossed over and pushed aside. We get it. But pushing aside door lock problems may compromise your home safety. Neglecting your door locks can lead to home break-ins.

Here are 5 door lock problems that you should never ignore.

1. Key Broken in the Lock

A key breaking in a lock is a common occurrence. What most people don’t know is how much damage a broken key can cause the internal lock. If broken with enough force, this can be devastating to your lock.

Address this problem immediately so there is no further damage to your door or lock. We recommend calling your London Locksmith so you can have access to your house ASAP.

If that’s not possible, items such as pliers, saw blades, and screwdrivers can be helpful in retrieving the fragmented key pieces.

2. Loose Locks and Doorknobs

Like a car or a computer, locks wear down over time. Continuous use causes the internal mechanisms of your locks and doorknobs to loosen up. A loose lock makes your house vulnerable to break-ins.

To prevent this, watch out for loose screws. If you spot a loose screw, it’s not hard to fix. Grab your screwdriver and tighten. If extremely worn down, replace your screws and any affected parts of the lock. If all else fails, give you locksmith a call.

3. Broken Lock

A broken door lock may not be that obvious on first look. It may be deep in the inner workings of the lock, such as the springs within the lock. Problems like this may not be visible to a homeowner.

You may have a broken lock if you notice:

  • your lock working slow
  • your key stops working
  • bad key rotation
  • key getting stuck in the lock

As stated before, having a poor performing lock will put you at risk for burglaries. Address this problem immediately to ensure the safety of you and your family.

4. Misalignment

In some cases, a door and the locking mechanisms can become misaligned. It’s common that the latch is not lined up with the strike plate. This can cause your door to not close or lock properly. Wear over time or improper installation of a door can cause this.

A good tip would be filing down the latch plate in hopes of regaining alignment. In some severe cases, you may need to call a professional to realign your door.

5. Weather

Weather can be a big factor in broken locks. Weather can wear down your locking mechanisms. This can cause alignment problems among other things.

Freezing temperatures can also cause you lock to freeze. You can solve this problem by warming your key on a radiator and inserting it into the lock. This will unfreeze the lock in no time.

If you are experiencing any of these door lock problems, address them immediately. London Locksmith can help you with any of these problems. Contact our 24/7 emergency locksmith services today.